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About me

I would like to welcome everyone and give a brief “about me” introduction about myself.

My name is Natasha. I have been interested in photography for over 10+ years hands-on practical experience. To broaden my knowledge of photography I have attended courses in VTOS and LCFE.

I believe that a photographer’s job is about capturing the beauty of the moment so that it is remembered forever. Communication through a photographer. Communication is recreated by printed photography as when it is printed, it becomes alive.


The primary aspect of my work would entail newborn photography, capturing the innocence and beauty of this first moment of life. Later capturing the important milestones of the child’s life including communions, confirmations, birthdays. Something that exists for a very short time but to capture it so that it lives on forever. Newborn and child photography would be a big part in my work, but that doesn’t stop there. The sessions will also include weddings, portraits, and events when necessary. Each session would be held with professionalism, creativity, top quality and providing the best customer service.


I would love to hear from you, whether you would love to hear more about my newborn photo sessions or would like to book.

Please use the contact form on the website giving me as much information as you can. Alternatively, if you would like to chat, my contact number is 0857472500. I look forward hearing from you and begin this journey together.

Please feel free to contact me or to come for a free consultation. I will be happy to hear from you.