This session would include a shoot anywhere, in our studio, in the comfort of your own home or outside in the fresh air. I strive to make our photo shoots relaxed, spontaneous, and fun! Children are encouraged to run around, play, and be silly. Helping mommy cook in the kitchen, or splashing outside in a baby pool, cycling a bike, or baking a cake, real moments in the life of a child. With an eye for perfect in-between moments and unique perspectives, I create child portraits that are beautiful, genuine, and emotional.

Booking your session

This session can be booked at any time you feel you want to capture the natural effect of the photographs, cycling a bike, or baking a cake or first time in a baby pool, anything at all that makes you smile when you see it happening.

About this session

This session is very natural, you go ahead with your daily life and my job would be to locate those special moments on camera. Child photography is a wonderful way to capture your child’s special milestones and blossoming personality. From quirky smiles and giggles to the whimsy and curiosity of childhood. It focuses on the in-between moments, that would as the years go on be forgotten. It is about how beautiful life is. Don’t leave your children with boring school portraits once a year!