Pregnancy is a very special and loving moment in life, it shows that a woman is about to produce a second beating heart created out of love and passion, my job is to show the beauty of the moment and to capture the emotions behind the photo.

Booking your session

The best time for a maternity photo is between 30-35 weeks of pregnancy, the moment when you can truly see the beauty of being pregnancy and true glow that pregnancy does to a woman’s body. I would suggest to book this session a few weeks in advance.

About the session

The session is very easy going and relaxed, in the studio it shouldn’t take more than 2 hours and on a place of preference in could take a bit longer. We would need to have a meeting about how you want the photos to be done, in what scenery or to have them very personal and intimate. This meeting will give me a perspective about what kind of person you and your personality so I will be able to give you exactly, if not more, of how you want your photographs to look.