Christmas Minis 2022

At Dynasty Photography are happy to announce, this year X-mass minis photo shoots, with two setups, will take up to 30 min photo shoot in our studio.(based in Limerick.) Our scenes are prepared for babies who are able to sit on their own (from around 8 month) and kids, teenagers. We can do one family portrait.

Dress Code:

Christmas outfit: hat, scarf, boots, coat, cardigan, dress, casual trousers for boy. It would be great if parents dress sibling in similar colors.

Best colors are:

Red, white, brown, navy, cream, gray.  Please make sure to be on time! We leave no gap between photo shoot.

The €25 non refundable deposit required. Formally books your date&time, will not be secured without it. The balance of X-mas session is due on the day of your photo shoot. Please look here for more detailed explanation.

DATES FOR X-MAS MINIS (for babies who are able to sit on their own, kids and family)

Choosing your day, please first

19.11.2022                             25.11.2022                               02.12.2022

20.11.2022                             26.11.2022                               03.12.2022

21.11.2022                             27.11.2022                               04.12.2022

DATES FOR BABIES (from 10days -8 month old)





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