Babies grow up really fast and the precious moment of that time are quickly gone. You want to capture the moment of innocence and how small they are, so that every time you look at the photos you are reminded of something so beautiful, pure and with so much love. To remember all the little details.

Booking your session

The best time for a new born shoot would be in the first to second weeks of birth. When they are still super flexible and very sleepy. I would recommend to book this session about a week before the due date.

About the session

This photo shoot would be longer varying from 2-4 hours. This time is divided up into, the correct placement of the child and what props to use, (hats etc.) for the baby’s feeding time, cleaning if necessary. You can bring a favourite blanket or toy or clothes, something with sentimental value that you want to include in the photographs. I will have a variety of my own including blankets, head bands, wraps, hats etc. this session can be arranged to include the parents of any other family member.