What to wear

Clothing is a key element for beautiful, timeless portraits. We recommend simple, classic apparel that reflects your style. You can have fun with rich textures, layers, simple patterns, ruffles, and accessories the possibilities are endless! Coordinate your outfits with a palette of complementary colours for family portraits.
Bare feet are always preferred for indoor photo sessions!

I encourage you to bring along any props of your own that are personal and meaningful to you. During the session, I love to get creative with additional wardrobe props options, such as costumes, rain boots, capes, musical instruments and more.

Artistically edited

Art takes time! But rest assured, its worth it. For every minute we spend together and hundreds more behind the scenes to make your portraits and overall experience exceptional. Following your Family

Portrait Session, we carefully compare the hundreds of images from your session to select the best ones from each concept  based on facial expressions, posing, lighting, sharpness, background, and overall appeal.

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